This life is for You …

Asif’s leg was broken when a car hit him on a Pakistani street. In the midst of pain, he felt a hand on his leg. He looked up to hear a woman praying for Jesus to heal him. Asif began to get angry because he was Muslim. Then a strange energy began running through his body. His leg straightened, and the bone came back into place. He eventually walked home from the accident.

Hungry to know more about this “Jesus” who had healed him, he read about Jesus’ other miracles in the Bible that the woman gave him. Asif took his questions to the mulvi (religious leader) at his mosque. “Why are you talking about Jesus?” the mulvi sneered. “How could I not have an interest in him?” Asif asked. “He healed me.”

The mulvi and others at the mosque locked Asif in a room and forced him to drink poison, thinking that if he died before accepting Christ, he would still make it to paradise. However, Asif woke up and called out to Jesus. Suddenly a bright light filled the dusty room. Asif pledged, “This life is for You. As long as I am on earth, I will work for You.”

Since this time, Asif’s family has disowned him, and he has been beaten repeatedly because he refuses to stop telling people about his new friend Jesus Christ.

From The Voice of the Martyrs – USA

PS: Voi incerca, in cel mai scurt timp posibil, sa revin cu o traducere in romana.


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